LeBlanc Manufacturing LLC is owned and operated by Donald LeBlanc. We have more then 15 years experience providing waterproofing services and drainage system products to foundation contractors.

Product and services we offer:


GMX Ultra Shield Waterproofing Membrane

LeBlanc Mfg. offers a flexible and competitively priced Ultra Shield waterproofing membrane to help prevent foundation leaks caused by minor cracks. This membrane is a spray on application and produces an approximate 20 mil. build on each pass. Includes 15 year limited warranty.

Exterior Insulation (flat surface)

This 1” thick material is placed over the waterproofing membrane with an R5 insulation value. Protects the waterproofing membrane from potential damage caused by the backfill process and hydrostatic pressure (both sides of board have a flat surface).  Insulation board with waterproofing offers a 15 year limited warranty.
Foundation Drainage System

LeBlanc Mfg. also holds a utility patent on the Great Lake Drain System™. This truly unique drainage system incorporates the use of drain strips and components to be attached to the footings before the concrete is poured, which eliminates the cost of drainage stone or gravel as well as the scheduling of travel and labor. The product has the national approval of the ICC, (reviewed and approved in over 80 Michigan municipalities with 2,500 installations and “No Reported Field Failures” in all soil types. It has also been used nationally). For more on this product and installation, please visit our product website at:

When it rains, it drains... Great Lakes Drain Sytem!
Basement Waterproofing
& Drainage Systems
Don LeBlanc (810) 241-6450 ph
E-Mail: LeBlancMfg@Charter.net
Linden, Michigan
Don LeBlanc (810) 241-6450 ph
E-Mail: LeBlancMfg@Charter.net
Linden, Michigan
by LeBlanc Mfg.
Side-out for foundation drain system
LeBlanc Manufacturing Drain Strip
Corner for foundaiton drain system for basement
Foundation drain system by LeBlanc Manufacturing
Egress or Walkout foundation drain system
  The Great Lakes Drain System website includes pictures and installation video overview.